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June 11, '22

MaryKate Drews

Episode 15: MaryKate is the sole photographer and content creator for the Belmont University Men's Basketball Team, but she's also had her experience shooting for the NFL with teams like the Vikings, Bears, and Jaguars. Read More >>
May 22, '22

Marquis Harper

Episode 14: From growing up in the smallest US state to eventually shooting for one of the biggest sportswear brands in the country, Marquis' story is one we can all learn and take inspiration from.

April 24, '22

Josh Giardina

Episode 13: What's most inspiring about Josh's journey is his hunger for self improvement to help him get where he wants to go. Read More >>
April 10, '22

Mike Hicks

Episode 12: Before the summer was about to start, Mike told himself he'd give his freelance content career a shot, but if he didn't like it or couldn't make it work, he'd always have his... Read More >>

March 29, '22

Dhane Smith

Episode 11: As one of the few black lacrosse players, both growing up in Ontario, and now in the NLL and PLL, Dhane has been an advocate for the BLM movement, receiving numerous appreciative messages from... Read More >>