Josh Giardina

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Episode 13: Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Josh Giardina started off his athletic career as an avid baseball player until his passion for basketball completely took over. 

Getting shots up in the gym before school started, coupled with his determined mindset, Josh went from averaging 8 PPG his Sophomore year to just over 15 PPG his senior year, earning him an roster spot at Marymount University.

Like the majority of college athletes, Josh didn't score over 1,000 points or break any major records, but his role as the 'Glue Guy' on the team didn't go unnoticed.

What's most inspiring about Josh's journey is his hunger for self improvement to help him get where he wants to go. During his senior year at Marymount, COVID-19 put an end to the basketball season, so Josh began teaching himself Adobe Photoshop on school computers with the software preinstalled. He knew he had to separate himself from other GA's all trying to make it in college coaching.

Eventually it paid off in more ways than one...


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