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March 17, '24

The Rico Hoodie: An Untraditional Take on a Traditional Product

Discover what makes the Rico Hoodie so special, with its asymmetrical design and custom 3D silicone logo. Similar to other LVLS products, functionality and fashion-forward design lead the charge.

February 4, '24

The Purpose and Target Audience of Compression Pants

Explore the wonders of compression pants: their benefits in improving blood flow, enhancing balance, reducing soreness, and aiding various ailments. Read More >>
January 4, '24

Why Do Football Players Wear Single Leg Tights?

Are you curious why football players wear compression tights on just one leg and why more and more are upgrading from leg sleeves to Single Leg Tights? Read More >>
November 11, '23

When to Choose: Leg Sleeves, Calf Sleeves, Knee Pads, or Tights

On the fence about what base-layers to add to your gameday outfit? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the similarities, differences, and when to choose each base-layer option. Read More >>
October 6, '23

Drip Check – From Football Fields to Basketball Courts and Baseball Diamonds

Athletes of the modern era continue to push boundaries when it comes to sports-fashion and unique sportswear styles, often referred to as ‘Drip’. Read More >>