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August 31, '23

Introducing the Women's Ace Compression Shirt

After months of fabric testing, design upgrades, and prototyping with our factory, the team at LVLS is proud to announce the release of our new Women’s Ace Compression Shirts! Read More >>
July 30, '23

11 Steps to Manufacture Unique Sportswear Products

By collaborating closely with our factory partners and thoroughly refining each product throughout this 11-step prototyping process, we're able to deliver athletic apparel that turns some heads, feels great, and performs at the highest level... Read More >>
June 10, '23

The Pros and Cons of Cutting Your Clothes

Cut, ripped, or tattered apparel has been a staple of modern clothing styles for quite some time now. These types of clothes make an appearance in anything from streetwear to gym fits, but they’re starting... Read More >>
May 7, '23

Football Drip: Definition, History, and Future Expectations

Football drip is all about how a player looks and carries themselves, from their clothing and accessories to their overall personal style. But where did this term originate, and what can we expect football drip... Read More >>
April 6, '23

Tights vs. Leggings vs. Compression Pants

When it comes to comfortable, yet functional athleticwear, you may have heard the terms tights, leggings, and compression pants used interchangeably, but what does each actually mean and how do they differ from each other? Read More >>