Introducing the Women's Ace Compression Shirt

Introducing the Women's Ace Compression Shirt

After months of fabric testing, design upgrades, and prototyping with our factory, the team at LVLS is proud to announce the release of our new Women’s Ace Compression Shirts! As the trend of asymmetrical sportswear continues to evolve around the world, we are confident that the demands of athletes will continue to grow, which is why we make it our mission to deliver unique, stylish sportswear products for all athletes. Our women’s asymmetrical compression shirts take from the research and reviews of our men’s compression shirts in order to construct a product that fits well, feels comfortable, and achieves our mission of helping athletes stand out in a crowd.

Design Features

Women’s Ace Compression Shirts are designed with one long sleeve and one short sleeve or sleeveless arm to provide both the style and performance benefits that modern female athletes are seeking.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an "ace" compression shirt refers to an asymmetrically cut athletic top with compression fabric. This asymmetrical style, a staple of all LVLS products, offers a fashion-forward look while the compression material provides support and recovery benefits during and after athletic activity.

When it comes to material and fabrics, the Women's Ace Compression Shirt is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties, keeping athletes cool and dry. As a more functional alternative to the popular shooting sleeve or arm sleeve, the long sleeve of the Ace Compression Shirt delivers the same stylish look, while stabilizing the garment on the athlete’s body, limiting the need for constant readjustment. The unique blend of polyester and spandex on the body material allow for increased compression without hindering freedom of movement, perfect for popular sports like basketball, softball, lacrosse, and track and field.

Choosing the Right Size Compression Shirt

As with any startup, the iterative learning process is of utmost importance. After analyzing reviews and critiques of our Men’s Ace Compression Shirts, talking with high-level athletes, and examining how the garment looks and performs when in motion, our team compiled a list of improvements that were all incorporated into the design, look, and feel of our women’s compression shirts. Revisions to the chest, body, and shoulder areas were implemented for the women’s version to increase the compression-like feel for the athlete without limiting range of motion, providing the wearer with a base layer garment that feels one with their body.

With a reduction in the body size of the compression shirt, our team also found it valuable that athletes had more length in the longer sleeve, so an extension was also implemented in that regard. When deciding which sleeve to select as the longer sleeve, most athletes prefer it on their non-dominant arm, but we always emphasize the importance of individuality - go with what feels best for you and your sport.

Sizing also saw large improvements, conforming to much more accurate female shirt sizes across the industry. Now, female athletes can shop as they would at any sportswear retailer or eCommerce site and not have to worry about inaccuracies in size.

Fashionable Intentions

Beyond performance benefits, the Women’s Ace Compression Shirt makes a bold fashion statement on the court, field, track or gym. The asymmetrical cut stands out from traditional workout gear and allows athletes to truly start to identify their own personal style. Pair it with some Women’s Single Leg Tights for a coordinated head-to-toe look.

Compression gear has skyrocketed in popularity for its recovery and muscle support properties. A Women’s Ace Compression Shirt takes those benefits and combines them with an on-trend, athletic aesthetic. Don't just improve your performance - make a statement!

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