Drip Check – From Football Fields to Basketball Courts and Baseball Diamonds

Drip Check – From Football Fields to Basketball Courts and Baseball Diamonds

Today more than ever, in the sports and fashion industries, athletes are increasingly using their own unique styles to make bold statements that reflect their personalities, status, and stances on certain topics. It’s important to note that we’re not just talking about what they wear on the field, court, or diamond, but also what they wear before and after each game. Gone are the days of basic, uniform jerseys and generic workout gear. Instead, athletes are embracing the concept of "drip" – a term that has become synonymous with fashion-forward, attention-grabbing attire. Terms like ‘QB Drip’, ‘WR Drip’, and ‘NBA Drip’ are beginning to receive more and more monthly search volume, which is why it’s more important than ever to continue to push the boundaries of what traditional sportswear products look like in order to appeal to this growing demand for standout apparel and accessories.

Examples of Drippy Styles in Professional Sports Today

Basketball Drip (WNBA & NBA Drip)

Since the options for pregame and postgame attire are near endless, we decided to focus this article on primarily in-game drip – styles that have become some of the most popular looks across the League in the last few years.

basketball drip

It’s no surprise that some of the biggest stars in the NBA and WNBA are leading the charge in the sports-fashion field, which has led to a waterfall effect of athletes all the way down to middle school and even early elementary hoopers rocking the same styles as their professional idols. Styles like Single Leg Tights and Ace Compression Shirts have become increasingly popular in the last few years, in part because of athletes like Jayson Tatum, Te'a Cooper, and Steph Curry, who were early adopters to these new looks.

Now, let’s not forget the impact that the shooting sleeve has had on professional sports since Allen Iverson first wore the accessory back in 2001. However, it’s not surprising that more and more athletes are starting to adopt the asymmetrical compression shirt piece for it’s more functional appeal and unique, Winter Soldier-like look. Other accessories that have potential to improve a drippy outfit include headbands, arm bands, and calf sleeves, but it’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between drip and drowning – overdoing things can certainly have adverse effects on your basketball drip.

Football Drip: QB Drip & WR Drip

In the high-impact world of football, quarterbacks and wide receivers aren't just leaders on the field; they're often style icons too. Quarterback drip (QB drip) combines confidence and flair while wide receiver drip (WR drip) can deliver a smooth, flamboyant aura.

nfl drip

Nothing screams your own unique style more than a pair of custom cleats, but for those of us who don’t have the same luxuries as professional athletes, other opportunities to create your own unique style include scrunch socks, tinted visors, ski masks, turf tape, arm bands, arm sleeves, or even a completely asymmetrical look.

One of the more recent trends that’s been gaining traction at the college level specifically, is the Ace Compression Shirt to deliver that truly asymmetrical, fashion-forward style without compromising on functionality and comfort. Players like Shedeur Sanders and Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi have been very early to this new look, however, it’s important to note that NFL guys like Patrick Mahomes, Zach Wilson, and Kyler Murray kicked things off by rocking compression shirts with arm sleeves to achieve a similar, less functional style. Now with Ace Compression Shirts on the market, it’ll be interesting to watch how well they begin to take market share from the compression shirt + arm sleeve pairing as the more performance-focused product.

Baseball Drip

With some of the highest grossing contracts in all of sports, professional baseball players are never too shy to flaunt their worth and personal style. Arm bands, arm sleeves, eye black, shades, chains, gloves, the list could go on and on when it comes to opportunities to craft your own unique baseball drip.

mlb drip

Whether you’re looking for a clean, simple look or one that screams more of your outgoing, proud personality, there’s always a product or accessory out there for you to add to the gameday wardrobe lineup. At LVLS, most of our product research comes from analyzing these gameday looks from both a fashion and functionality standpoint. One of the major consistencies we noticed with baseball drip was the constant need for players to adjust their arm sleeves after every swing or throw. It was from this realization that our Ace Compression Shirts were born.

Now, baseball players have yet another option for their gameday drip – the Ace Compression Shirt, a more functional alternative to the traditional arm sleeve. How many MLB players do you know that wear an arm sleeve? Next time they step up to the plate or mound, watch how often they have to readjust that sleeve. We designed the Ace Compression Shirt to resolve that issue entirely and add to the array of baseball drip products and accessories available to athletes at all levels.

How to Elevate Your Drip This Season

Without a doubt, step one for determining your own personal drip, is to identify your why. Why do you play your sport? Why do you currently wear what you do? Why do you like certain products or accessories that other athletes wear? Is it because their accessories are primarily to improve in-game performance like sweat bands and eye black? Is it because they’re repping products that exude high fashion and they’re shooting for a more sophisticated look? Is it because of their personality or the point they’re at in their lives? Typically, younger athletes take more chances on style, whereas older, more mature athletes have moved past those days, have a family, and want to demonstrate a cleaner, more down-to-earth, collected look. What’s your why?

From there, you can begin to piece together your drippy outfits game by game. We always recommend starting with styles that really resonate with you and the look you’re going for. Don’t overdo it at first – maybe a pair of compression tights, then a shooting sleeve or arm band. Certainly don’t show up one game with 3 arm bands on one arm, and shooting sleeve on the other, a calf sleeve, and bright pink socks. Take it slow and remember, often times less is more. You may find that your baseball drip is simply a shooting sleeve or Ace Compression Shirt, or your basketball drip consists of just a pair of Single Leg Tights or a calf sleeve. Simple looks like this can not only make you feel confident while playing, but also allow you to focus on what really matters – your performance in the game. Too much drip can lead to unnecessary distractions, which can become detrimental to how you play. Choose products that not only resonate with your why, but are also designed to help you perform at your peak ability.

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