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January 3, '23

Joseph Mendoza

Episode 20: Originally from the Philippines, Joe's parents decided to move the family to the U.S. when he was 11 years old. Coming to the states was initially a culture shock because of the differences... Read More >>
November 30, '22

Paul Makinano

Episode 19: Born in the Philippines, Paul first arrived in the United States entering 4th grade. His uncle first sparked his interest in football when he took Paul to a Jets vs. Falcons NFL preseason... Read More >>
November 1, '22

Johnny Hodges

Episode 18: Johnny has one of the more inspiring stories we've heard on this podcast. Coming in with minimal knowledge about college football to now playing for a 7-0 TCU program... Read More >>
September 7, '22

Kaili McLaren

Episode 17: Kaili's athletic career, like many others we've had on the show, didn't start out with basketball. She began as a swimmer...

August 8, '22

Lindsay Pulliam

Episode 16: Lindsey Pulliam's athletic career didn't start off how you might imagine. Her parents actually had her taking karate lessons. But, when she was two belts away from earning her black belt,... Read More >>