Paul Makinano

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Episode 19: Born in the Philippines, Paul first arrived in the United States entering 4th grade. His uncle first sparked his interest in football when he took Paul to a Jets vs. Falcons NFL preseason game. Essentially learning how to play the game through Madden and outside with friends around home, Paul soon discovered he had potential.

In high school, Paul's father wanted him to focus on a future working with cars, placing him in a technical school for mechanics. Fortunately for Paul, his talent drew the interest from Ansonia High School coaches right across the street. With the help of his mother, Paul was able to transfer and help the Chargers win state.

In college, Paul had stints at Sacred Heart University, East Carolina University, and Penn State. All were unfortunately cut short and didn't allow him to see the field for a number of reasons. Regardless, Paul has continued to put in work with the goal of being the first full-blood Filipino football player to play professionally in the United States, recently receiving a good amount of media coverage both in the US and back home.

The grit and determination that Paul continues to demonstrate, both in his daily habits and his viral workout videos, is inspiring for athletes all around the world.

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