Joseph Mendoza

Joseph Mendoza
Episode 20: Originally from the Philippines, Joe's parents decided to move the family to the U.S. when he was 11 years old. Coming to the states was initially a culture shock because of the differences in physical appearance, athletic ability, and just overall environment. 
Joe didn't actually get into photography after the first time his mom handed him a camera. He recalls she just handed him an old camera during a family gathering and told him to get some shots during the party.
It wasn't until the pandemic hit, that Joe started sneaking out of his house in the early mornings to go to the national mall and take landscape photography. Because everything was closed down, he spent the majority of his time in his house watching YouTube videos and learning all the ins and outs of not only using a camera, but also how to promote his work on Instagram.
Just a few years later, Joe is approaching 20,000 followers on Instagram and shoots for All Pro Reels, a digital media company covering professional sports in the DMV, all the while still working a full-time job.
If you're interested in checking out Joe's work, give him a follow on Instagram or check out his website.
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