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March 7, '23

Wilma Rudolph

This episode, we’re going to be talking about a powerful and impactful woman who, during the 1960’s, was referred to as 'the fastest woman in history'. But, what makes her story even more inspiring and... Read More >>
February 20, '23

Caron Butler

Usually, when you hear about someone with a criminal record of 15 arrests before their sophomore year of high school, you don’t really think that there’s any hope for them. From solitary confinement to an... Read More >>
February 7, '23

Tamika Catchings

Born with a severe hearing impairment, which led to her requiring speech therapy later in life, Tamika was bullied nonstop as a child for wearing hearing aids, glasses, and eventually braces. But, what’s incredible about her... Read More >>
January 31, '23

Jimmy Graham

From being dropped off at a group home by his own mother at age 11 to becoming a 5-time NFL Pro Bowler, Jimmy Graham's story is one that we can all take a little inspiration from... Read More >>
January 27, '23

Lou Hudson

Lou Hudson is someone you may have never heard of (if you’re not an Atlanta Hawks fan), but after this episode, hopefully you’ll understand just how much of an impact he made on the game... Read More >>