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Episode 12: Before the summer was about to start, Mike told himself he'd give his freelance content career a shot, but if he didn't like it or couldn't make it work, he'd always have his attendance coordinator position to fall back on. That dream quickly escalated when he was soon let go and took it as an opportunity to finally test out his new passion for storytelling. 

Growing up in Urbana, Illinois, Mike always enjoyed playing sports and video games, but believe it or not, he didn't watch professional sports until he was 12. He soon got hooked on E60 and 30 for 30 documentaries, which sparked his initial interest in storytelling.

After taking a photography and videography class in college, he soon realized that his passion for content creation and storytelling was something he wanted to pursue a little more seriously. So, he purchased his first camera and began taking photos of the high school teams where he worked in Chicago.

Fast forward a few years and Mike networked his way into an incredible freelance career, shooting athletes and teams like the Chicago Sky, Amari Bailey, Bronny James, Diamond Deshields, Andrew McCutchen, Scottie Pippen, Tasha Cloud, and many many more.

We were fortunate enough to sit down and chat with him about his story and any advice he has for the up and coming content creators out there looking to make an impact.

This one's got a lot of useful information for all those out there looking to start in content creation and interested in networking your way through a competitive industry!


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