Which Sports Wear Single Leg Tights?

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 The trend of Single Leg Tights, one leg compression pants, or one legged tights, however you prefer to refer to them, has been growing and evolving in recent years across all sports and levels of play. A common question we receive from athletes about this new product category is, “Can I wear this while playing sport X.” There are a few major sports where this new fashion statement has been most dominant, but you might be surprised to find out that the use cases don’t stop there. Here’s our list of some of the many sports that wear Single Leg Tights, based on the data and inquiries from our followers and prior customers.

Men’s & Women’s Basketball

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The initial concept for LVLS Women’s & Men’s Single Leg Tights first began as a result of increased usage and popularity amongst basketball athletes. Everybody from middle schoolers to NBA players seemed to transform their traditional styles into this more asymmetrical look just a few years ago. Since then, major NBA and WNBA athletes have taken this look to new heights, leading to more and more youth players adopting the style as well. It’s almost impossible to go to a professional basketball game or an AAU tournament and NOT see at least one athlete on the court wearing a pair of Single Leg Tights. Now, whether they’re cut compression tights, leg sleeves, or truly Single Leg Tights is still a toss-up. But, like any great trend, users typically start out by finding the cheapest and easiest ways to pull off the trend before major brands are able to introduce equally cost-effective and more functional alternatives. Regardless, men’s and women’s basketball has continually been the dominant sport to usher in the new wave of asymmetrical sportswear and we’re certain things are just getting started – especially if we have anything to do with it.

Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse

Following close behind basketball is men’s and women’s lacrosse, a sport with incredible potential that’s been growing exponentially across the United States. Like basketball, lacrosse bodes well for Single Leg Tights, as most athletes wear compression garments with shorts or skirts on top. The typical in-game apparel for lacrosse athletes allows for easy recognition of this new fashion statement since heavy pads and protective gear aren’t commonly necessary. Early adoption of Single Leg Tights has occurred, much like the other sports on this list, with professional players in the NLL & PLL. Players like Dhane Smith have been sporting this new style for a few years now, slightly after it began to gain widespread popularity in the NBA & WNBA. It is less common to see more than a handful of players on each lacrosse team rocking the asymmetrical look, which is why it’s rated just below men’s & women’s basketball, but with so much potential for the sport as a whole and how popular it’s been among younger athletes, our customers included, it’s definitely worthy of a close runner-up on this list.


A lot of people reading this may object to football coming in at number three on this list – thinking it should be ranked just above lacrosse. There are a few reasons why we believe that, although increasingly popular among football players, it’s accurately positioned here at the third spot. First of all, our rankings are based on widespread usage of the product, both professionally and among the youth, and since football is primarily a male sport, it’s limited to half of the potential athlete pool. Second, counter to the appeal for lacrosse players, football requires a lot of protective padding and apparel – knee pads, knee high socks, etc. As a result, most athletes that wear Single Leg Tights are only able to affect a small portion of their look. Don’t get us wrong, those that are able to pull off the asymmetrical style are beyond intimidating, but it is important to note that the affected area is far smaller than lacrosse and basketball players are able to influence. Lastly, widespread usage amongst football players has still yet to be seen. Every once in a while, a fashion-forward athlete like Deebo Samuel can be seen showing off his asymmetrical taste, but it’s still more common to spot this new look on a basketball court or lacrosse field.

Sports Where Single Leg Tights Are Less Common

Although the list above includes some of the major early adopters of Women’s & Men’s Single Leg Tights, it’s important to note that the potential for this new product doesn’t stop there. In the past year alone, we have been contacted by numerous athletes across a wide range of sports, asking about the plausibility of using Single Leg Tights to elevate their style within their respective sport. Here’s a list of a few that we believe have potential to adopt this trend:


To be completely transparent, we didn’t have wrestling in mind at all when identifying the target market for LVLS Single Leg Tights. But, like any popular product, it tends to evolve and adapt to a market of its own. Wrestlers have continuously reached out to our team, asking if the product could work in that environment. It’s important to note that our men’s and women’s tights aren’t designed like yoga pants, leggings, or singlets - they are see-through. However, if your goal is to wear your Single Leg Tights underneath your singlet, then by all means, intimidate the opposition all day long and please send our team photos of you doing so!


Far more common for our European customers, a lot of handball players have reached out recently, and we’re ecstatic that they did! Handball, much like basketball and lacrosse, is perfect for a product like this. With shorts on top and plenty of room to show off this new asymmetrical fashion statement, handball players should certainly take advantage!

Running or Cross Country

Cross country athletes may be the least popular users of Single Leg Tights on our list at this point in time, but with the greatest potential. Short shorts and plenty of leg room to show off the style, these one leg compression pants are excellent for upgrading a runner’s wardrobe, not to mention they can provide additional health and recovery benefits - an often-overlooked benefit of this new garment.

The Medical Appeal of Single Leg Tights

Although the majority of the athletes that sport the new asymmetrical style of Women’s & Men’s Single Leg Tights do so for fashion purposes, it’s important to recognize the medical benefits of this new product.

In the past few years, we have had numerous athletes reach out to our team here at LVLS, inquiring about the use of Single Leg Tights as added comfort and compression underneath a knee brace. Most athletes that have undergone knee or ACL surgery are required to spend the rest of their athletic careers strapped in a clunky, uncomfortable knee brace. Before, leg sleeves and full-length compression pants were all that was available to athletes, often not meeting the functionality standards or style requirements. Thus, once Single Leg Tights entered the market, athletes are now able to provide the comfort they need under a knee brace without having to worry about keeping the undergarment in place while playing. Receiving the proper padding where they need it most and nothing more, athletes no longer have to cut their full-length compression pants as well.

Lastly, athletes that partake in low contact sports such as walking, hiking, and climbing, are now able to provide a little more support and compression to an underperforming leg or knee joint. Whether it be increased blood flow, less skin irritation, and even improved balance, there is plenty of material to read on the medical benefits of compression garments, so we won’t get into the details in this piece, but it’s important to note that our initial target market for LVLS Women’s & Men’s Single Leg Tights has grown far beyond the early fashionable intentions.

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If you are an athlete that plays a sport we didn’t mention above, please contact us or send us a DM on Instagram to see if Single Leg Tights could work with your sport! We pride ourselves on designing and producing only the best asymmetrical sportswear products for the modern athlete and we’re only just getting started!

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