Is It Single Leg Tights or One Leg Compression Pants?

Javonte Green wearing LVLS white Single Leg Tights while playing pickup basketball

What's the history?

The single leg tights or one leg compression pant look has been increasing in popularity with athletes across all skill levels around the globe, but the earliest sign of this unique style dates all the way back to Florence Griffith Joyner or Flo-Jo, during the late 1980's. In recent years, professional athletes like Jason Tatum, Devin BookerTe'a Cooper, and A'ja Wilson have given rise to a new era of asymmetrical style in sports.

In the last two years alone, the number of basketball, lacrosse, football, and track and field athletes wearing Single Leg Tights has risen remarkably. It's rare to turn on an NBA game and not see at least one player on the court wearing their white or black pair of one legged compression pants. The Phoenix Suns have even played an entire starting five, all wearing their asymmetrical tights at the same time. Talk about an intimidating squad!

The unique thing about this sudden increase in asymmetrical style is that the larger sportswear companies have yet to catch up to the popular apparel demands of today's athletes. Now, is this because they don't want to cannibalize from existing compression pant and leg sleeve sales, or are they willing to sit back and watch as most athletes cut one leg of their full length tights because the sale has already been cashed in? The most popular and glaring example of this is Devin Booker, who quite obviously cuts his game-worn tights instead of wearing a leg sleeve.

Devin Booker Wearing Cut Full Length Compression Pants
Via @link_the_world on Instagram

So, what is the correct term?

The answer to this question has been a tossup in recent years. Interviews with professional athletes acknowledging the style of their Single Leg Tights contrast with articles and tweets online discussing the next big athletic trend in one leg compression pants. Traffic for each respective search term is relatively equal, so what is the true answer?

If you ask us, Single Leg Tights has a much better ring to it than asymmetrical compression pants or one legged compression pants. Now, like any new product, it can take time for an official name to take its place in pop culture, but until then, we'll continue to keep an eye on the market to see which term seems to be sticking more.

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Also, if you have heard Single Leg Tights referred to with a different name than those referenced in this blog, let us know! We can be reached via our Contact Us form or through Instagram DM @LVLSSportswear.

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